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At Buckeye Garage Doors and Openers, a Division of Avondale Garage Doors INC, we know the Customers want experienced, efficient technicians that are convenient to "your" schedule. We pride ourselves on providing the lowest service call rate in the industry. Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality workingship and service in the Phoenix West Valley. We have over 50 years worth of Experience in the company. We are a family owned business that operates and lives in the West Valley. Contact Buckeye Garage Door Service Repair and Openers We do installations as well! You can contact us at anytime by calling (623) 693-8677 during normal business hours.

GENIE GARAGE DOOR OPENERS by Buckeye Garage Door Openers
Garage Doors sell the most dependable, quietest, maintenance free and include a factory lifetime warranty on all of our chain drive openers. All openers feature 3-buttom remotes and wall control panel that features operation button, light switch and lock out button. Note: excludes the Genie Chain lift 1024 opener. Wireless keypad will work on all Genie openers. New screw Door openers will fit 7, 8, 10, 12 and 14 foot high openers. All Genie DC motors (are energy efficient) All Genie openers have Soft Touch at stop and start (this eliminates and jerking and shaking or garage door- that secret keeps door very quiet.
Buckeye Garage Door Serivce

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